Beautiful image by: Magnolia + Grace Photography

HEY Y'ALL!! My name is Terri Lynn Jones and I reside in Clinton, Louisiana. I have a caring and supportive husband who I've been married to for over ten years now. We have three beautiful and loving daughters, KristAnn, Paisley and Joelle who make us smile with joy every single day and keep us on our toes at the same time! 

     I am a self-taught Louisiana based photographer who have always had a deep love for photography. It all started with my mom really. She always took out the camera and would take great pictures of me and my two sisters so I'd like to thank her for showing me the way. :) I get the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and document their life through still life images. I learn something new every day and I try my best to perfect my imagery to something bigger and better in a unique way. I am forever grateful God gave me this gift to share with all of you, so thank you for allowing me to do that for YOU!